Our First Post! A Secret and A Challenge

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Here’s the deal. Our smartphones are amazing. But we're on them all day. Our phone habits have turned into compulsions, if not even full-fledged addictions. And the research shows we've never been more stressed, anxious, and generally unsatisfied with our lives. How is this even possible when our technology does so much?

Here's the big secret, hidden in plain sight:


It's the greatest irony of the 21st century; our god-like technology has come back and bitten us in the ass.

Constant attention to our screens interferes with our mental health and relationships. Our phones should be serving us, but we've ended up serving them.


We propose a challenge to you, and to everyone who's stressed out by our "always on" lifestyle:


By putting your phone down for an hour, you turn it into a Brick (TM) — get it?

Brick then makes it fun and easy to disconnect from the grid for a little bit every day with our curated phone-free events (like dinner parties, game nights, camping trips and more).

Join the phone-free movement!

Tommy @ Brick

Thomas Sobel