Karaoke Nights with TheFutureParty

Karaoke Nights Logo.jpg

On June 28th, 2019 we celebrated the summer with our spin on karaoke night, a phone-free evening in private suites with bites, drinks and the freedom of being phone-free.

We took over The Speek Suites at The LINE Hotel in partnership with TheFutureParty, and 98 of us sang our hearts out till 2AM with new friends and old ones, supported by drinks, bites and surprises by JuneShine, Madeby, House Beer, Peatos, and more!

Full resolution picks are here. Please tag @gobricknow @futureparty @foitlephoto in your posts! Bonus: Also tag @madebyfoods @housebeer @juneshine @worldspeaspeatos @thespeek

Thomas Sobel