Phone & Social Media Habit Coaching


You know I’ve been doing these phone-free Brick retreats and events, but I’ve also been doing some private coaching to help people with their phone and social media habits, which has been amazingly successful. These clients suggested I open this up to the community, so I’m starting with the people I know personally.

If you or someone you know is interested, you can reply here to me (or text me anytime) for a free consultation and evaluation. Quickly we can scope out the extent of your particular problem, and what kind of time and effort it’d take to resolve it.


I knew I had a phone addiction [and] since being coached by Tommy my phone usage has gone down from an average of 11 hours a day to as low as 5 hours; that’s 6 more hours each day I get to spend on other things. I feel better in my own skin, even in the most uncomfortable situations! For the first time in a long time, I can be off my phone while with friends. Every day I find myself actively putting my phone down for longer periods of time. Though I am not perfect, I work on my habits one day at a time. This coaching has changed my life, I couldn’t recommend it more. - Léah H.

The maladaptive behaviors I specialize in solving are:

  • Five or more hours of daily screen time

  • Using one's phone to distract from uncomfortable feelings or emotions

  • Comparing oneself with others on social media

  • Feeling the obligation to be available at all times and respond immediately to others

  • Mindless scrolling

  • FOMO

  • Checking first thing in the morning

  • Checking in the middle of the night

  • Restlessness / anxiety when away from one’s phone

  • Restlessness / anxiety when in social situations


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