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Brick Presents: Sequoia Camping Trip

The weekend of October 4th we’re dropping everything to get off the grid for an impromptu Fall camping trip, taking over part of the awe-inspiring Sequoia National Forest! Join new and old friends before the weather cools.

Date: Friday evening, October 4th - Sunday morning, October 6th
Location: The Sequoia National Forest (exact location revealed after RSVP)
Cost: $100, which goes towards campground and parking costs, programming, and helps keep the Brick movement alive!

What you get:

  • Two phone-free days in the world-renowned Sequoia National Forest
  • Reconnect with yourself and others in the natural world
  • Day trip to a natural waterslide
  • Day hikes to the Trail of 100 Giants
  • Camp-style cooking
  • Campfires and s'mores :)
  • Complete digital detox
  • B.Y.O. activities (notebooks, journals, games)

Also includes The Brick Method workshop ($100 value), the transformational three-step program to take better control of your phone and social media habits, led by Brick’s founder Tommy Sobel.

You're responsible for your own:

  • Safety (bring what you need to have a safe trip)
  • Camping gear (tent, sleeping bag)
  • Food (you will be placed in a group to coordinate shared meals and snacks)
  • Transportation (you will be placed in a Carpooling group if you need a ride or can share your ride)

Video from our last getaway:

Catch the video from our last trip to the Sequoias

Testimonials from Our Last Getaway:

“Exactly the weekend away you need...even if you didn’t know you needed it!” - Valentina M.

“Was very needed for my soul.” - Hart Denton

“Was the best weekend of my year." - Zach R.

“An amazing weekend with amazing people in an amazing place without phones” - Sam L.