Put down your phone, pick up your life

The Digital Wellness Movement

Put down your phone, pick up your life

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What is Brick?

Brick is a grassroots movement for young people who are dissatisfied with their relationship to screens and social media, and who are looking to spend more time engaged in the real world. 

We throw phone-free events, retreats and private habit coaching for motivated people who want to take control of their phone use.

We also challenge our community to turn their phone into a “brick” for a little bit every day, which means to set it down, put it in Brick Mode, and go do something engaging in the real world.


Watch the video from our last phone-free getaway:

Was the best weekend of my year.
— Zach R.


Joining the Brick community is free.

Text BRICK to (844) 427-2529


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