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Hi! I’m Tommy Sobel, the founder of Brick.

I have a neuroscience background and was a junior executive at DreamWorks Studios. My job at DreamWorks was to research how people consume entertainment on emerging digital platforms like social media and virtual reality.

At the time, I struggled with constant, compulsive phone use.

I noticed that it was making me anxious and irritable. I had difficulty getting rest and relaxation. Sometimes I'd even wake up in the middle of the night to check my phone, for no apparent reason.

What I originally thought was an occupational hazard resulting from my line of work, turned out to be a universal, global problem unique to the digital world that we’re all immersed in today.

I noticed that many others were also overstimulated by their screens and struggled with these same issues.

Employing some basic knowledge I had learned about neuroscience and human behavior, I crafted for myself some very rudimentary rehabilitative techniques. These techniques worked extremely well for me and also for a few friends that were having the same problem.

It was at this point that I became inspired to leave my job at DreamWorks and to launch The Brick Movement as a public endeavor to tackle this epidemic for everyone seeking the same remedy.

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Now, after two years of evidence-based research, development, and user trials, I present…

The Brick Method™

The Brick Method is a transformational three-step program for digital wellness in today’s “always-on” world. I offer this via private one-on-one sessions and group workshops for motivated people who are looking to take better control of their screen time.

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The maladaptive behaviors I specialize in addressing are:

  • Checking your phone when trying to focus on something more important.
  • Checking your phone while driving.
  • Checking your phone in social situations, even when it might be inappropriate.
  • Checking your phone out of habit, for no specific reason (e.g. mindless scrolling).
  • Checking your phone first thing in the morning or in the middle of the night.

We'll also address the negative emotional patterns that accompany these bad habits, like:

  • Getting upset at yourself for wasting time on your phone.
  • Feeling worse after using your phone or looking at social media.
  • Feeling like you don't have time for things that are important to you (like taking care of your mental health).
  • Feeling the obligation to be available at all times and the need to respond immediately to others.


Tommy has created a transformational experience…

that is friendly and informative from start to finish. The Brick Method pulled back the curtain on some of my bad phone habits, then taught me how to take back control of my phone use. My new digital wellness strategy has freed up valuable time in my day and I'm loving it!”

- Colton O., 23 years old, Digital Illustrator


“I knew I had an issue with phone overuse…

and since being coached by Tommy, my phone usage has gone down from an average of 11 hours a day to as low as 5 hours; that’s 6 more hours each day I now spend on other things. For the first time in a long time, I can be off my phone while with friends. This coaching has changed my life, I couldn’t recommend it more.”

- Leah H., 34 years old, Baker

This evidence-based, private coaching is available to anyone, anywhere in the world. Together we will quickly scope out the extent of your particular issues, and customize a solution specific to you. Sign up below for a free evaluation!

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